I'm Stephen.

AKA Blank,  I'm a designer with a passion for street art and graffiti. I started writing graff in the 90's while i worked at an airbrush shop during my teenage years. This is when I created the name Phunky street designs and the seed for this brand was planted.

After high school it was straight to the Art institute of Dallas where i earned my associates degree in visual communications. Graffiti took a backseat to my computer graphics career for about 10 years while I learned as much as i could about graphic design, retouching, Image manipulation, photography, file preparation, and color separations.

While I was focused on my career, i found another artistic outlet with music in the form of DJing. I spent about 11 years in the Dallas electronic Dance Music scene as a Drum n bass DJ. Being in that scene re-exposed me to street art and some local graffiti artists. The more I was around other artists, the urge grew stronger to pick up a pencil. By 2007 there was no denying it.

Now that I was drawing again, it didn't take long before I picked up a spray can. It was a feeling that I missed for so long and I hadn't even realized it. I forgot how at home i was while painting. In 2010, My beautiful daughter was born and It wasn't long before I started trying to figure out how to turn my passion for street art and graffiti into a business. I wanted a way to spend more time with my family while doing what I love. I finally got the courage to quit my job at a well known trading card company in 2014 and by 2015, Phunky Street Designs became a reality.

armed With a passion for spray paint and a wealth of computer graphic, printing, and overall artistic knowledge - I have set out to produce professional quality Graffiti, Art and Apparel.